The SMA Connection Assist is the ideal solution if automatic network configuration is not possible and manual commissioning is required. With the SMA Connection Assist, SMA devices can be integrated into any home network with only a few clicks. The commissioning tool assists users with all necessary adjustments by analyzing local conditions and recommends manual configuration options.

As is the case with all SMA assistants, helpful explanations and prompts guide the user through the process. The SMA Connection Assist, which is compatible with all standard operating systems, can be used without installation, as it can be run directly from a USB stick, for example. Nothing stands in the way of easy communication commissioning with the SMA Connection Assist.

Easy to use
⦁ Helpful explanations each step of the way
⦁ Automatic analysis of the network and settings
⦁ Can be run from a USB stick on a PC − no installation required

⦁ Easy-to-understand user prompts and explanations
⦁ No network knowledge required
⦁ Optional configuration recommendations for customers

⦁ Compatible with standard operating systems (Win, Mac, Linux)