Planification, configuration, simulation
SUNNY DESIGN PRO for comprehensive planning of complete energy systems.

for comprehensive planning and simulation of energy systems
For the first time, Sunny Design Pro enables the comprehensive planning and simulation of energy systems across all sectors. It takes into account PV systems, electric power generators and appliances, battery-storage systems and thermal components, such as CHP plants or heat pumps. System designers, solar power professionals and energy consultants thereby benefit from comprehensive project documentation with all efficiency data from the entire system as a sound basis for decision-making for their customers. With Sunny Design Pro, reference and feed-in tariffs can be created flexibly, and consumption and load profile analyses can be carried out.

Simply register for Sunny Design Pro and open the application in your web browser or on your iPad or Android tablet, enter all the required information, and you will be presented with a comprehensive, professional view of the completed system in just a few minutes.

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⦁ Cross-sector plannings of energy systems
⦁ All sectors in a single application
⦁ The Electrical and Thermal Simulation of the Entire System, including Heat Pumps, CHP Plants and Boiler
⦁ Integrated energy management for PV, battery-storage and thermal systems
⦁ New: Planning of electric vehicles and charging stations

⦁ Presentation of all key energy and efficiency key figures
⦁ Details Consumption and Load Profile analysis
⦁ Extended project documentation
⦁ Numerous templates for commercial energy systems and private households

⦁ To facilitate Data Export for easy Commissioning of SMA Data Manager
⦁ Flexible Management of Reference and feed-in tariffs
⦁ Battery-Storage System Simulation for Peak Load Shaving Applications

Quick and comfortable design of PV systems
Sunny Design makes designing PV systems more convenient. Simply opens Sunny Design in your web browser or on your iPad or Android tablet and enters all the required information. The ideal system configuration will be available within just a few minutes. The web application provides solar power professionals and plant designers with a user-friendly interface and enables the flexible design of various PV systems, including the design of battery-storage systems and energy management. Along with technical testing of the various components, the software provides data for an evaluation of system efficiency.

Sunny Design is free to use.

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⦁ Optimal design for grid-connected PV plants
⦁ Tips aimed at plant optimization
⦁ Free registration

⦁ Database of current PV modules
⦁ Use of high-resolution meteorological data
⦁ Generation of design proposals
⦁ Energetic evaluation of an operational year
⦁ Forecast of projected self-consumption
⦁ Custom calculation of the optimum dimensioning for inverters

⦁ Worldwide location support
⦁ Importing of your own load profiles and Meteorological Data
⦁ Access via Web browser, iPad, or Android tablet

Feature Sunny Design
Sunny Design
Sunny Design PRO
Design of on-grid PV systems
Design of off-grid & PV hybrid systems -
Saving and managing projects -
Own PV modules, locations and load profiles -
Data Export for easy Commissioning of SMA Data Manager -
Planning of energy systems with integrated energy - -
Storage simulation for Peak Load Shaving - -
Tariff management - -
Consumption data and load profile analysis - -
Extended project documentation - -
Prices per year and license
(plus local applicable VAT)
- - 504,20 €